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Bollard shop specializes in providing all kinds of bollards to fulfill various purposes. Bollard shop provides various types of products including roadside bollards, bollards for maritime usage, protective bollards, bollards for bicycle lanes, lighted bollards for pedestrians’ usage and so on.

The company started working in 2019 and since then, has been thriving in keeping the property and people safe on a site by providing necessary protective products for buildings.

Bollard shop presents you numerous variants of bollards including steel bollards, collapsible bollards, removable bollards, dome top bollards, bollard covers and so on. All these products are available in further several variants including products of different sizes, shapes, colors, materials and so on.

Although there are several variants, Bollard Shop ensures that all its products are long lasting and best in quality. The prices are very reasonable relative to the quality of products available. So, stay safe and keep your assets safe with our bollards.


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Explore our website to learn about wide range of different bollards and covers we have.

You can also ring us at 800-847-9568 and we will be happy to serve you well.

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Rise of accidents need a safety measure. Perfect safety for your architecture
Road traffic accidents are the main cause of serious mortality and the 10th leading cause of all fatalities worldwide — now represent a remarkably large portion of the global ill-health load.
Hospitals and bollards strengthening the infrastructures the right way!
The growing use of bollards to protect people’s lives and properties has proven to be a very useful and cost-effective way to meet the goal. Bollards are found nearly everywhere nowadays when we move out.
Decorative bollards and their types
Bollards are one of the most common things that people often see on every other road. However, most of the people tend to walk through it without even noticing it. For all those of you who are not aware of this term, bollard is a small and vertical post placed by the side of the road / footpath.
How Bollards Market Would Get Effected after the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2026
The new report regarding the Bollards Market has been put forward by taking into consideration all the key factors targeting the global as well as regional markets. These include drivers, imprisonment, threats, challenges, opportunities, and industry-specific trends.
How bollards can be better tool for building security?
A bollard is a strong, stable and a vertical structure usually built using some kind of a metal. Bollards are used all around the world for different purposes. The concept was primarily used for
Bollards in the News 2019 – Part 1
Not everyone realizes just how often they interact with bollards on a daily basis. Bollards aren’t just for city planners and project managers, actually, if you tune into the news they’re being mentioned now more than ever.
Beginner’s Guide to Bollards
Bollard Caps - Hand-formed pipe bollard caps are a problem waiting to happen. They don’t look right, they’re never uniform, and sometimes they look just plain terrible. Bollard Shop is an exclusive retailer of TopGard caps, which have been proven to be up to 90% faster to make and 100% uniform. No more hand forming or punch list headaches.
Constant Protection in an Ever-changing World
However, bollards aren’t just employed for protection from terrorism, they’re most likely to be useful from everyday disorder. Bollards provide a high degree of protection for pedestrians and cyclists, while also allowing necessary access. They allow cyclists to feel at ease in their bike lane, while allowing cars to drive freely beside them. They allow pedestrians to walk freely on the sidewalk, while not worrying about vehicles straying into their area. The list goes on, but the protection and peace of mind remains the same. 

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