Rise of accidents need a safety measure. Perfect safety for your architecture

Road traffic accidents are the main cause of serious mortality and the 10th leading cause of all fatalities worldwide — now represent a remarkably large portion of the global ill-health load. According to WHO, there are reported 1.35 million deaths annually due to road traffic accidents. According to figures reported by the National Highway Traffic [...]

Hospitals and bollards strengthening the infrastructures the right way!

Bollards for Hospitals security The growing use of bollards to protect people’s lives and properties has proven to be a very useful and cost-effective way to meet the goal. Bollards are found nearly everywhere nowadays when we move out. There are bollards on roadsides, outside offices, restaurants, schools, hospitals and so on. A very popular [...]

Decorative bollards and their types

What are bollards? 1. Pedestrian bollards: 2. Construction bollards: 3. Traffic bollards: 4. Security bollards: 5. Bicycle parking bollards: Bollards construction material Bollards are not only classified on the basis of their functions. Rather bollards can also be distinguished by the material used for constructing it. Different materials are used based on the quality required […]

How Bollards Market Would Get Effected after the COVID-19 Pandemic in 2026

The new report regarding the Bollards Market has been put forward by taking into consideration all the key factors targeting the global as well as regional markets. These include drivers, imprisonment, threats, challenges, opportunities, and industry-specific trends. This detailed analysis of every aspect of the global market has been related to the Bollard Market size, [...]

How bollards can be better tool for building security?

A bollard is a strong, stable and a vertical structure usually built using some kind of a metal. Bollards are used all around the world for different purposes. The concept was primarily used for anchoring boats or even big ships. The ships were tied to the bollards in such a way that they could not […]

Bollards in the News 2019 – Part 1

Not everyone realizes just how often they interact with bollards on a daily basis. Bollards aren’t just for city planners and project managers, actually, if you tune into the news they’re being mentioned now more than ever.  Here’s a rundown of some of the top bollard stories from the past few months.  1. Bangor, Maine […]

Beginner’s Guide to Bollards

Most people who invest in bollards, do so for one of two reasons: Security and safety.  Why use bollards for security? Check out our blog post here on how bollards can provide safety and security. Aesthetic value.  Decorative bollards provide all the benefits of regular bollards, while keeping beautiful aesthetic of your area.  Types of […]

Constant Protection in an Ever-changing World

In the United States and around the world, countries are implementing bollards and other life-saving safety measures. According to the Storefront Safety Council, a vehicle crashes into a building at least 60 times a day, injuring 4,000 people annually, and killing as many as 50 people every year. It is for reasons like these, that […]